Hernani Alves – Founder of Balanced IQ, Personal Positivity, Performance and Accountability

The talk will be on my book Balanced Accountability:  Three leadership secrets on how to Win Hearts and Maximize Performance.

  • Personal Accountability:  Most Important Person in your life and how to get the best results.   Fact:  Personal accountability helps guarantee success.
  • Positive Accountability:  Learning the magic of “helping others to help yourself” to see your team’s goals exceeded.  Fact: A positive mindset will outperform negative ones by 58%.
  • Performance Accountability:  Attendees will laugh and feel inspired throughout this compelling case for leaders to take their roles seriously and optimistically. It’s truly a process to enjoy.   Fact:  How do you eat an elephant? One small bite at a time.

Here’s more information about the book.  https://hernanialves.com/balanced-accountability-book/

Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour

Richard Stein is the contact for group “Stein” (Richard, Peggy, Ramin, Carl, Penee, Mark, Lou, Linda)

Paul Yamamoto is the contact for group “Yamamoto” (Steve, Kit, Cindy, Janice)

Yolo Basin Foundation – Guided Bat Tour www.yolobasin.org

Itinerary and Agenda:

  • Meet at the Yolo Basin Foundation parking lot at about 5:30pm: 45211 Co Road 32B, Davis, CA
    • $14/adult; 16 and under are free.
    • Please have your payment available when you arrive (cash and credit cards are accepted)
  • A presentation in the conference room begins at 5:45pm (though try to be a bit early)
  • Bring a light jacket as it can cool off a bit after sunset.
  • Carpooling is preferred as we will take our personal vehicles to the viewing area and they’d like to minimize vehicle traffic.  SUV’s or trucks might be better though not mandatory.
  • There will be a 45 minute presentation in the facility conference room before we carpool over to the viewing area.
  • Once we arrive at the viewing area, we’ll wait for the bats to emerge.
    • There is minimal walking involved and we will be on a gravel road.
  • During the viewing, our tour guide, Corki Quirk, will provide additional background on the bats.
  • The viewing and discussion will conclude around 8:45pm.
    • It is preferred that all vehicles arrive and depart at the same time to minimize disrupting the bats.