Out on the Town

When we’re not having fun with our community service projects, we’re out having fun building friendship.


Whenever we need to refresh the club on how to setup BINGO, we’ll have a club meeting at the Senior Center and have a friendly game of BINGO to play and learn ourselves.


We like to get together and have some fun with our own club as well as other. We had a great time bowling with our Rotary friends from the Woodland Sunrise Club!


Dixon Corn Maze

Not all our meeting have to be indoors. For the past few years, we have had an annual meeting at the Dixon Corn Maze. It has been a lot of fun getting lost together.

Sacramento Beer Bike

In 2016, the club and some of our guest took a tour of the Sacremento breweries on a pedal cart. It was a lot of fun and we hope to make it an annual event.


UC Davis Firehouse Tour

The UC Davis Fire Department was kind enough to give us a tour of the Firehouse. It was a lot of fun going behind-the-scenes and learning about the inner working of a Firehouse.